Who, When, and Where for Car Accidents?
Car crash occures because of so many reasons. If you have been victim of car accident, contact Miramar car accident attorney who will help you to get compentation you deserve.
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December 29, 2018

Most Floridians wake up and get into the car to head to work, drop kids off at school, or start their day of errands. Florida has a little over 14 million cars registered which means that throughout the year at least 14 million cars are driving almost every day. This does not include the number of tourists that drive through Florida. Visitors are people from other states, but they also include foreigners from other countries. So, not only are subject to driving around people who are from out of state, but you also may be dealing with someone who isn’t even from this country.

The state of Florida tried to pass a law that would require international drivers to purchase and prove international driving permits. The law was not around very long before it was contested as a violation of an international treaty, which allows international drivers to drive in the United States. Canadians and those from the U.K. are the most populations to be affected by the legislation. As a tourist state, Florida cannot lose the tourist money from big countries such as Canada as they contribute billions to the state taxes. Sharing the roadway is best and laws regulating international drivers would impede this kind of tourist economy from growing.

So what does this have to do with timing and car accidents? No matter where you are from, what you are driving, or the longevity of your driving record there is research to suggest that there are specific times and days in which accidents frequent the most. For example, Saturday is the most common day for car accidents. This makes senses since Saturdays are considered travel days, but that is not the only time motorists should beware of risky behavior. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, an average of 12 people are killed between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm. This makes sense when you consider that time range as rush hour. Rush hours typically start around 4 pm which means that between those particular high crash hours, most roads are congested with cars.

Some people think that most accidents happen after midnight because of partying and drinking. The volume of accidents isn’t the case during the hours of midnight and 4 am. However, the fatalities are worse during those times. The common reasons for such accidents during the day or night are 30% speeding and 54% is drunk driving. Regardless of the type of car, the time, or the weather, it is suggested that 95% of crashes are caused by human error. This is why you need a strong advocate by your side when dealing with car accidents.

Our Miramar car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman are aggressive in their tactics to ensure that you are getting justly compensated for the injuries you sustained during your car accident. Don’t let insurance companies or other drivers pressure you into believing that it is all your fault or that you are not deserving of compensation. Call 954-438-1000 or click here to start a conversation with us today.

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