Truck Driver Involved In a Crash That Killed 5 Children Had 10 Traffic Tickets (But Was He At Fault?)
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January 11, 2019

If you were injured or your loved ones died in a truck accident and it later turns out that the truck driver had been issued 10 traffic citations prior to the crash, do not be surprised. This is America!

A recent fatal truck crash in Gainesville, Florida, stirred up controversy after a police investigation showed that one of the drivers involved was issued 10 traffic tickets over the years, including for speeding, driving an overloaded truck, and careless driving, among other violations.

We asked our truck accident attorney Cooper City from Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., to review the details of the fiery crash that left seven persons, including the truck driver, dead on Interstate 75 near of Gainesville.

The truck driver, who had been issued multiple traffic citations in Palm Beach County over just four years, died in the crash along with another truck driver and five children in a church van headed to Disney World.

Liability in the truck accident that killed 7 people, including 5 children

The truck driver who had been ticketed multiple times prior to the fatal crash involving five children was identified as Steve Holland, 59. A police investigation showed that the trucker was issued 10 traffic citations between 2000 and 2014. Although most traffic tickets were issued for minor offenses such as failure to wear a seat belt or failure to show proof of insurance, Holland was also ticketed for careless driving and speeding.

Although a police investigation has yet to determine who was at fault for the fatal truck crash in Florida, our Cooper City truck accident attorney says that if the investigation shows that the truck driver was at fault, he will be held liable along with his trucking company, which was identified as Illinois-based trucking company Eagle Express Lines.

How the fatal truck crash occurred

Many of you might be wondering how the fatal truck crash occurred in the first place. According to the Highway Patrol, Holland was traveling north on Interstate 75 when his truck collided with another vehicle. It is known that both drivers lost control of their vehicles, which sent their vehicles through the center divider into the church van, which was traveling south and was carrying five children from ages 9 to 14. All of the children in the church van died in the fiery crash.

The church van, which was headed to Disney World, also transported a pregnant woman. The woman and her baby have been stabilized after the crash. Investigators have yet to determine fault in the fatal truck accident, but families of the children who died in the crash will most likely file a wrongful death action to seek justice.

How to determine fault in a fatal truck accident?

In order to establish fault in the accident, investigators might have to talk to witnesses, find available footage at the scene, review “black box” data in the truck, review the truck driver’s log books and the truck’s maintenance records, as well as hire accident reconstructionist experts, among other things.

More often than not, if you have been involved in a truck accident, you will have to seek consultation from an experienced truck accident lawyer in Cooper City or elsewhere in Florida. One of the many difficulties of determining fault after a truck crash in Florida is that there can be multiple parties involved.

If the truck driver is at fault for the collision, your lawyer may also be able to hold his or her trucking company liable, not to mention that the company manufacturer of the truck and its parts and components, a third party responsible for loading and the cargo, and others may also be held liable.

Speak to our Cooper City truck accident lawyer at Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., to get a free case evaluation today. Contact our offices at 954-438-1000.

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