Things To Know When You’re Involved In A Car Accident
Getting into a car accident? You want someone who is an expert on car accident law. Bradley S. Hartman and his staff know exactly how to protect your rights and get you the compensation.
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August 11, 2018

It’s extremely scary and tragic. No one is ever prepared for it. It can happen to anyone. When you get into a car accident, it truly changes your life. It’s bound to happen even if you feel you feel that you are the safest driver on the road. It’s unfair when the car accident wasn’t your fault. The other driver was being negligent in their behavior and it caused them to hit you and cause the accident. It is completely out of your control. Even though it wasn’t your fault, now you have to deal with the consequences of it. You may even be injured due to their negligence. You need to be focused more on the healing process. It’s essential to know how what not to do when you get into a car accident. You may not have known these things before if you’ve never been in a car accident before. You should also know how negligence is handle in Florida.

What not to do

When you get involved in a car accident, make sure you don’t sign anything from the other driver’s insurance. By getting your signature, you inadvertently allow them to obtain your medical and employment records. This could be used negatively against you. They may use this to claim that your injuries aren’t too severe, thus, justifying them giving you less money in the settlement then you may deserve. Make sure you know the full extent of your injuries and the medical costs that are associated with your injuries. You may think your injuries aren’t too intense but later on, symptoms may appear. Make sure you don’t settle on a property damage claim until all repairs are made to your vehicle and they are done to your complete satisfaction. You may underestimate the costs it takes to repair your vehicle.

It’s essential not to discuss the accident with anyone. This includes posting on social media. Only your doctor should know the full nature and extent of your injuries. When telling your doctor this makes sure you don’t exaggerate your injuries. If you do, this can be seen as fraud, which is a serious crime that you can be legally punished for.

How is negligence handled?

It’s important to know that Florida operates under pure comparative negligence. If you had some fault in the accident, then your compensation will be limited by that amount. An example of this would be if you’re involved in an accident where the other driver was speeding when they hit you. You can be found at fault partially if you were texting and driving when they hit you. You may found 20% at fault for the car accident. The other driver could be found at 80% at-fault. If you’re awarded $10,000 for damages, then the compensation you would really receive would only be $8,000 because your percentage at fault (20%) was subtracted from the total compensation.

Getting into a car accident is a tragic situation to be in. Now you have a damaged car and may have even suffered injuries. You have to deal with the consequences even if it wasn’t your fault. It’s not fair. The other driver needs to be held liable for their actions. You want someone who is an expert on car accident law and can help your case no matter how complex. The Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman P.A. want to fight for you. Bradley S. Hartman and his staff know exactly how to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today using this contact form or call them at 954-438-1000.

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