Should You Speak To The Trucking Company After An Accident?
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May 11, 2018

If you have been in a truck accident in Cooper City or elsewhere in Florida, you have probably noticed by now that your phone is ringing off the hook. It feels almost as if you are a celebrity and people are trying to reach out to you to hear your comments.

And just like a celebrity has to be careful about the words he/she uses when describing a certain situation, you – a victim of a truck accident – should be just as careful when giving recorded statements or simply answering questions of insurance and trucking companies.

And while it is critical that you tell your side of the story to a police officer at the scene of an accident to get a police report, it is not recommended to speak to anyone else, especially agents of trucking companies and insurance companies.

They may make it look as if they are on your side, but they are not. All they are looking out for is their best interests and ways to avoid liability or minimize the value of your recoverable damages after an accident. So keep in mind: whenever someone contacts you and wants you to give a recorded statement, do not answer their questions without consulting with a Cooper City truck accident attorney first.

Do not be naive, trucking companies are not on your side

More often than not, if the truck driver was at fault for the truck accident, you will be contacted by the at-fault driver’s trucking company to provide information or sign documents regarding the accident. Never should you ever speak to them, provide any documents or sign anything unless your experienced lawyer says it is OK to do so.

Truck accidents have been around for decades, and the most common causes of truck accidents in the United States have remained the same throughout all these years: distracted driving, drunk driving, fatigued and sleep-deprived truck drivers, speeding, hauling improperly secured or way too much cargo, and others.

And trucking companies are well aware of these causes as well as ways to minimize the financial damage and avoid liability altogether. And part of that plan is to make the victim talk in a way that would compromise or invalidate their own claim.

Is NOT speaking to trucking companies counterproductive?

And while it may seem as if NOT speaking to the at-fault truck driver’s trucking company would be counterproductive for the success of your personal injury claim and would delay the process of obtaining compensation, you need to understand that both trucking companies and insurance companies in Cooper City and all across Florida are looking out for their best interests.

Unless you have an experienced truck accident lawyer in Cooper City by your side, answering the questions asked by the trucking company may be tricky and risky. Their employees are trained specifically to twist your words, manipulate you into saying things that serve their own interests and use your words against you.

Trucking companies care only about their own best interests

In many cases, trucking companies choose to investigate personal injury claims filed by people who have been injured in an accident involving their truck driver. But in most cases, these “independent” investigations by trucking companies and insurance companies are biased and do not reflect what truly happened.

Last but not least, many trucking companies will attempt to shift the blame onto you by arguing that you were also in some way at fault for the accident. Have you been contacted by the trucking company, and its representatives are asking you uncomfortable or seemingly routine questions?

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