Premises Liability: When Restaurants Are Liable For Illnesses and Injuries
When restaurants fail to follow safety guidelines and their customers end up getting injured, a premises liability case can arise.
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January 11, 2018

Any restaurant in Cooper City and all across Florida have a duty to exercise a high standard of care and prevent any hazardous conditions that may cause illnesses and injuries in customers.

When restaurants fail to follow safety guidelines and their customers end up getting injured, a premises liability case can arise. However, our premises liability attorneys say there are a few things to consider before filing a claim to seek damages.

Dining out at restaurants can cause harm

Illnesses and injuries occurring at restaurants and cafes can be caused by a wide variety of accidents, including but not limited to slip and fall accidents, fire accidents, and food poisoning from eating contaminated food.

Fact: Americans eat out in restaurants between four and five times per week.

Fact #2: an average American spends more in restaurants than on home-cooked meals.

Dining out offers Cooper City residents to enjoy delicious foods with the convenience of not having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Also, they allow people to grab a bite of their favorite meal any minute.

But with all the benefits of restaurants in our everyday life, such places turn into our enemies when their owner and management fail to exercise a high standard of care and fail to eliminate hazardous conditions that may cause injuries and even disability.

Our Cooper City premises liability attorneys at Law Offices of Bradley Hartman explain that many customers get hurt at restaurants when the owners fail to follow applicable safety guidelines and regulations and fail to maintain and inspect its business operations.

Cooper City resident suing restaurant for food poisoning

Last month, a Cooper City resident started legal action against a local restaurant, La Brochette Bistro, alleging that its negligence caused her injuries.

The plaintiff, named Alexandra Baker, is suing La Brochette Bistro for premises liability after it allegedly failed to exercise a high standard of care and eliminate unreasonable risks to its customers.

The plaintiff alleges that she became ill and injured and required hospitalization and expensive treatment when her existing disease was aggravated after consuming contaminated foods negligently prepared and served by La Brochette Bistro staff. Baker is seeking damages of more than $15,000 on top of costs and interest.

The failure to prevent the existence of food contamination within its premises amounts to a premises liability claim. However, our best premises liability attorneys in Cooper City warn that customers who became ill or injured at a restaurant will have to prove that the owner of the restaurant:

  • created the condition that caused the injury or illness
  • was aware of the condition that caused the injury or illness, but failed to eliminate the hazard
  • the condition that caused harm to customers existed for such an unreasonably long time that the owner or management should have learned about it before customers got injured.

How to file a premises liability claim against a restaurant

Restaurant liability extends far beyond food poisoning, as many customers also suffer burn injuries in fire accidents, as well as injuries in slip and fall accidents and choking accidents.

Although restaurants cannot possibly prevent all types of injuries occurring within their premises, they have a legal duty to take all precautions to keep their premises in a safe condition through regular inspections and prompt responding to potential hazards.

Seeking compensation in a premises liability lawsuit against a restaurant may be challenging if you aren’t represented by an experienced premises liability lawyer, as the burden of proof is on you.

In a premises liability claim, you will have to prove that your injuries were caused as a result of negligence or reckless actions on the part of the owner of the restaurant or its management.

Here at Law Offices of Bradley Hartman, our Cooper City restaurant liability attorneys will conduct an investigation into your claim to determine liability, evaluate your damages and find proof of the restaurant’s negligence.

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