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Florida is known for its major attractions, gorgeous beaches, and warm and sunny weather almost all year round. Who wouldn’t want to visit or live? The economy is growing and if you like diversity then you can experience almost every country throughout the state of Florida. However, what you don’t hear about, and what is actually really concerning, is the number of pedestrian fatalities that occur every year in our great state.

In 2017, Florida was one of the top 5 states with the highest amount of pedestrian deaths in the United States. More specifically, these fatalities typically happened in southern Florida. Those who live in South Florida are not new to this concept. When you live somewhere long enough you start to pick up on the nuances of the town or city that you live in. When you live in areas of poor lighting or busy roads that have too many potholes to count, then you get the sense that it probably isn’t safe for anyone to walk or bike down as well as drive. However, with the ever-increasing cultural shift to help the environment, it is common for people to use alternative types of transportation like walking or biking.

Any time a pedestrian walks there is a two-way contract between them and motorists. For example, when you are a pedestrian walking across an interaction while paying attention to the crosswalk, you may glance at the cars waiting on the red light. On the occasion, you will make eye contact to ensure no one is going to make a turn or run the red light. At the same time, motorists may look at pedestrians and let them know that they are willing to let them walk past. This exchange of looks is very important. It is a form of communication, a bonding of a contract. It lets all parties know that there is a movement happening and the acknowledgment that things will be safe.

Pedestrian accidents typically happen at dusk or night, mainly on weekends, and the worst at intersections. Like any other tragedy, when motorists are distracted or driving under the influence then there is a great likely hood for the motorists to drive onto pavements or cross onto specific pedestrian or bike areas. Depending on how fast the car is going can reflect on the severity of an injury. Age is also a factor. Unfortunately, the faster a car is going or the older the pedestrian the more likely a severe injury will occur. Small children are also more prone to accidents

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