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Have you ever been injured due to a dangerous product then it is important to hire an experienced Plantation product liability attorney from Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman to handle your case?
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Product manufacturers are required by law to only make and market consumer products that pose no harm to the consumer when they are used according to their intended purpose. Still, despite strict consumer protection laws, many dangerous products still make it through the cracks and into the hands of unsuspecting consumers around the country. Defective, faulty and poorly designed products (or the manufacturer’s failure to let consumers know of these defects) can lead to injuries or even death if the right conditions exist. Sadly, it is oftentimes the case that these products are not found to be dangerous until it’s too late and the injuries and victims have begun to stack up once the product is in widespread use.

If you have experienced an injury due to a dangerous product, then it is important to hire an experienced Plantation product liability attorney to handle your case. Florida has a two-year cap on filing injury claims related to dangerous products, so it is important to move quickly on the claims process once an injury occurs.

Negligence Claims and Dangerous Products

Any product can arrive in a defective state, due to the possibility of defect occurring at any point during the manufacturing process or even in the way that the product is marketed. From dangerous toys that pose choking hazards to children to defective surgical mesh used to repair hernias, there are product liability claims filed every day throughout Florida and the rest of the country. Under Florida’s laws, the maker, distributor and seller of a product can be found negligent and liable if a product is deemed unreasonably dangerous. Four elements are looked at in determining negligence in these cases:

  • Was there a loss? An actual physical injury or financial loss must be shown, and it must be attributed to the product in question.
  • Did the defendant(s) fail to warn the plaintiff that the product was defective in design or manufacture, or should the defendant have known about the risks associated with the product but failed to warn the plaintiff?
  • Can the plaintiff prove that the defect caused the injury?
  • Did the plaintiff use the product for its intended purpose?

Consulting with a Plantation Product Liability Attorney

Manufacturers are tasked with only bringing safe products to market. However, sometimes they fail to provide adequate testing of the products they make, largely due to their rush to get the product on store shelves. If you have been injured by a dangerous product, you have a right to hold the manufacturer or other liable party responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The defendants in these cases always have an army of attorneys working hard to disprove the claims against them or to settle claims for far less than their worth. The experienced product liability attorneys at the Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman are ready to go up against these big companithe and fight for the compensation you deserve. Schedule your no-cost consultation with our Plantation product liability attorney now.