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If you have been attacked by a dog, your best recourse is filing a dog bite claim to seek damages for your injuries. Call Plantation dog bite attorney they help you to get the compensation you are entitled to.
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Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience that leaves the victim with significant or even life-threatening injuries. Americans treat their dogs like members of the family, and in many ways they are, but dogs are just animals in all reality, and they are subject to the unpredictable behavior that often results in otherwise docile animals becoming vicious without notice and without being provoked in any way. Painful injuries, permanent scarring and disfigurement, and emotional trauma result. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, your best recourse is filing a dog bite claim to seek damages for your injuries.

Florida Code Section 767.04 dictates that when a dog owner fails to use reasonable care to protect people from his/her dog, that owner is liable for any injuries that result from a bite or attack. While dog bite claims can be tricky and complex, a claim against the responsible party can bring a sense of closure to the attack while helping you recover financially from your injuries. The Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman and its Plantation dog bite team has a history of helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve and to which they are entitled.

Statistics on Dog Bites

The statistics on dog bites across the country are startling; there are approximately 4.5 million people attacked and bitten by dogs every year in the U.S. Approximately 316,000 people each year, or 900 or so per day, are seen in ERs around the country for dog bite injuries; in fact, dog bite injuries are the fifth-most frequent reason that children end up in the ER. In 2015 alone, there were more than 28,000 corrective or reconstructive procedures and surgeries performed related to dog bite attacks. The top most dangerous dogs, based on serious dog bite injuries inflicted, has remained unchanged for years: pit bulls, rottweilers, and German shepherds comprise the top three, with pit bulls biting more people than rottweilers and German shepherds combined.
Strict Liability for Dog Bite Injuries

Unlike states where a so-called “one bite rule” exists, Florida is a strict liability state, which means that even if a dog has never bitten, owners of dogs are strictly liable for the injuries their dogs cause. Liability may be shared in the case of dogs that attack on rental properties, provided the landlord, property owner or manager of the property knows the dog is dangerous and takes no steps to prevent the dog from causing problems.

Dog Bite Injury Compensation

Dog bites change lives forever, particularly if the bite leaves significant damage and scarring. You have a right to hold the owner or other parties accountable for your injuries and recoup your losses following a dog bite attack. Most claims seek compensation for medical costs and lost wages as well as the cost of continuing care. If you have developed a disability as a result of your injuries, your award may be enhanced and you may receive cash compensation for your reduced ability to earn a living.

The Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman has the experience needed to lodge a successful dog bite injury claim and help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Schedule your no-cost consultation and case review with our Plantation dog bite attorney now.