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With all the traffic you encounter on your daily commute, you may think that every Floridian owns a car. That is not the case however as taxis are still a popular form of transportation for many Pembroke Pines residents. There are many reasons why individuals choose to take a taxi including for a quick ride when the unpredictable weather gets rough and you can’t use your bike or when you need a ride to and from the airport. Another popular reason to use a taxi is when you are going to a place with tricky parking. With Pembroke Pines being centrally located near popular social hubs also makes residents choose taxis to avoid DUIs and placing others in danger. However, taxi drivers have a responsibility or duty of care when they take on a passenger and transport them from point a to point b. Taxi cab accidents can happen when you least expect it. Car accidents are traumatic enough then you add the confusing situation of being in a taxi and the stress mounts. As a passenger, you trust that you will be safe in the hands of a trained taxi driver. As a passenger you do have rights as well when involved in a Pembroke Pines taxi accident. When you are involved in a taxi cab accident whether passenger or driver it is crucial to contact a Pembroke Pines Taxi Cab accident attorney to discuss your case and determine an appropriate plan of action.

Taxi Driver Duties

Being that Taxis can be considered as public transportation, Taxi Drivers and the companies they work for have specific duties owed to their passengers. They are required to provides cabs in good working conditions that are also reasonably safe. Companies must hire skilled cab drivers who show good driving habits. Taxi drivers also have a duty of care for passengers like ensuring the safety and security of their passengers. They must also exercise caution while driving. Should there be imminent danger, the driver must inform the passenger of such danger. Taxi companies and drivers need to comply with vehicle regulations and safety laws established by the state. Regulations include but are not limited to being registered with the state and having taxi cab insurance. Florida requires insurance policies to include Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Even though Florida is a no-fault state, taxis can be exempt from this rule.

Common Taxi Accident Causes

There are common and uncommon reasons for car accidents and taxi accidents are no exception. Some can be caused directly by the taxi driver while others are due to the negligence of another Pembroke Pines driver. Some common causes of taxi accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding, driving while tired and an aggressive driver. The are two main categories of taxi accidents. The first being a taxi colliding with a car you are driving or are a passenger in. the second would be the taxi you are a passenger in collides with another vehicle. Sounds simple? Wrong, they both have their own unique hurdles to overcome. If you are hit by a taxi, liability needs to be proven and damages need to be assessed. This requires effective representation to go against a taxi company. In the second scenario, the biggest hurdle is determining who is at fault and who to file a claim against: the taxi company or the other driver.

How a Pembroke Pines Taxi Cab Accident Attorney Can Help

Regardless of the accident details, you will need to contact a Pembroke Pines taxi accident attorney to discuss your case during an initial consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss the details with you and advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation. Once you retain us we will fight until the end to place you in the best position possible.

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