When Does Misdiagnosis Count As Malpractice
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June 15, 2018

When we go to a doctor with symptoms we expect a fast and accurate diagnosis. This is not always the case and sometimes a doctor can make a misdiagnosis which leads to lethal impacts on a person’s health. The conditions of a patients health could go downhill or the patient could even have to undergo treatment for an illness they do not have.

Not all misdiagnosis is qualified for a medical malpractice suit. A patient must be misdiagnosed due negligence on from a medical professional.

What is misdiagnosis?

There are various times when a misdiagnosis can occur a few examples are:

  • Failing to properly communicate and listen to the patient about his or her symptoms
  • Failing to properly investigate potential causes of a patient’s symptoms
  • Failing to screen for a particular medical condition, especially if the patient is at high risk for it
  • Failing to order the correct test for the illness or disease
  • Misinterpreting lab test results
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist when needed

The most common cause of a misdiagnosis is delayed diagnosis or misreading diagnostic tests.

Consult a Cooper City medical malpractice lawyer today

If you or your loved one have been subjected to the horrific event of a negligent misdiagnosis or medical malpractice of any sort a Cooper City medical malpractice lawyer can help guide you through the process. A Cooper City medical malpractice lawyer will use all their expertise to get you the best results available for your case. To explore your options contact our office on 954-438-1000

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