Injuries from An Accident Did Not Hold This Woman Back. Some Accident Victims Don’t Always Recover
If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, or left permanently disabled, by a car accident in the Cooper City, a great attorney could be the key to getting the compensation.
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February 2, 2018

Boynton Beach resident, Francine Prescott, is nothing short of inspirational. After being hit by a drunk driver in 1995 and being subjected to numerous surgeries, it would have been easy, not to mention understandable, for her to feel defeated and give up on the things she was probably told she’d never do again. Fast forward two decades and not only has Francine refused to be broken by her injuries, including permanent loss of feeling in her right leg, she’s undertaken 18 full marathons. Of course, you may have a glittering marathoning career of your own, but it’s very unlikely you’ve done quite so many with the aid of a crutch and a leg brace.

19th Marathon for Francine Prescott

19 marathons is a phenomenal achievement for anyone, but even more so when you consider what Francine Prescott has endured since the 1995 car accident that left her seriously injured. Following the accident, which happened in Minnesota, Francine was forced to undergo a colossal amount of surgery, including back surgery to remove four spinal discs and repair work on both shoulders, before developing chronic regional pain syndrome and losing much of her mobility. After gaining weight due to inactivity, Francine took some advice from her daughter on board and set about getting her life back.

Despite the complete absence of feeling in her right leg, she changed her diet, got back into exercising and lost a very impressive 160lbs. Starting with a 5k and working her way up to her first full marathon in 1999, this inspirational survivor hasn’t been stalled by her injuries, nor by becoming a widow in 2001 and being unable to work until 2007 after yet more complex surgeries. She’s taken part in the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon and, most recently, the Fitbit Miami Marathon and Half Marathon with the Achilles South Florida group on January 21. Crutches and a leg brace certainly aren’t holding her back from achieving her goals, ambitious as they are.

What If You Don’t Recover after a Car Accident?

As mentioned earlier, Francine Prescott has completed nearly 20 marathons using a crutch and a leg brace but, the truth is, many car accidents victim never recover enough to even consider such an achievement. Aside from the fatalities on Cooper City roads each year, there are those who are left unable to walk, work or live the lives they had before an accident put an end to their normality.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, or left permanently disabled, by a car accident in the Cooper City area, a great attorney could be the key to getting the compensation you’re entitled to, and that you deserve.

Whether the accident was caused by a drunk or drugged driver, distracted driving due to using a cellphone, GPS, or other distraction, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you don’t need to suffer alone.

Call us today on 954-438-1000 to find out how a brilliant Cooper City car accident attorney and a team of highly skilled legal professionals can help you gather evidence, analyze medical reports, and do everything else required to achieve the best possible outcome.

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