Hazards Faced by Motorcyclists in Florida
There are plenty of hazards that motorcyclists face in Florida each time they go for a ride. Pembroke Pines motorcycle accident attorney at Bradley S. Hartman P.A. will discuss those hazards in today’s post.
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August 25, 2018

Owning a motorcycle is an incredibly fun hobby to have. The thrill of the wind hitting your face as you drive some of the most beautiful roads in the Sunshine State is enough to make you want to go buy one right now. Even though motorcycles are thrilling they are also very dangerous. The most skilled riders can find themselves in accidents if they are not too safe when on their bike. Aside from other drivers, there are plenty of hazards that motorcyclists face in Florida each time they go for a ride. Our Pembroke Pines motorcycle accident attorney will discuss those hazards in today’s post.

Road Debris

Road debris can be deadly for motorcyclists. The smallest form of road debris, gravel, can send a motorcycle veering out of control and off the road. Gravel can be difficult to spot and when a rider finally does it could be too late. Other types of debris that can wreak havoc on a motorcycle include potholes, debris from cars, roadkill, tree branches, nails and anything else that is in the motorcycle’s lane of travel.

Construction Zones

Construction zones can be very dangerous for motorcyclists. You wouldn’t think so since traffic needs to travel at a slower rate of speed but this is part of the problem. Many drivers fail to pay attention when navigating a construction zone, which improves the likelihood of a late stop or maneuver that could affect the motorcycle. Motorcycles aren’t made for stop-and-go traffic. A construction zone could be just that for miles on end, which could lead to an accident with the motorcycle getting bumped from behind.


Animals of all sizes pose a big hazard to motorcyclists in Florida. Whether it’s a bird, a squirrel, a deer, a moose or an alligator; when a motorcycle rider comes across an animal it can result in tragedy. There’s not much time to react when an animal darts out onto a roadway or when a motorcycle comes out of a curve to come across an alligator sitting in the road.

Distracted and Impaired Drivers

Distracted and impaired drivers pose a threat not only to motorcyclists but to all those on the roads of Florida. Both of these types of drivers are problematic. They aren’t truly monitoring the road conditions around them. Nor are they able to make split-second decisions that could prevent an accident and possibly save a life. These drivers are present at any point during the day and can be on any road, not just major highways. Motorcycle riders must always be vigilant when it comes to spotting distracted and impaired drivers.

Large Trucks

Large trucks are a hazard for motorcyclists because of their weight, size, and blind spots. A truck will likely be unable to see a motorcycle that is in the lane next to it. This means that the truck could wind up hitting the bike if it decides to change lanes without knowing what is next to it on the highway.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is another hazard for motorcycle riders. Rain, wind, flooding, lightning and other random weather can wreak havoc on a motorcycle ride in the Sunshine State.

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