Forget Rideshares, What About Taxi Accidents in Miramar?
If you’ve been in a taxi cab accident in Miramar, you may need a taxi accident attorney. The Law Offices of Bradley Hartman know how to handle these situations and will help you through it.
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August 3, 2018

Miramar is a place of action and excitement. You will never have a lack of things to do in and around the city. With Miami and Fort Lauderdale nearby, and the Everglades on the border of the city, you can have fun with friends and family any time of year.

If you don’t feel like driving yourself around and would rather someone else do the driving, you can always call a taxi. There are plenty of taxi options in and around the city.

But what happens if your taxi driver gets into an accident?

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a taxi cab, whether as the passenger or another party, you may need a taxi cab accident attorney in Miramar. The Law Offices of Bradley Hartman are ready to help you figure out your next steps.

A Nightmare

When you call for a taxi ride, you have certain expectations. You expect your driver to be professional and, most of all, you expect them to be safe on the roadway. After all, taxi drivers have a serious job to do and put other people’s lives in their hands on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, sometimes taxi drivers are not safe. Whether impaired by drugs or alcohol or distracted by a cell phone, a taxi driver’s negligence can lead to serious injuries. Car accidents can lead to hospital stays and injuries that could force you to miss work. If that happens, you need to know what your next steps are.

Florida Regulations

Every taxi that works as part of a company must be registered with the state of Florida in order to operate and they must be insured. Following state law, each taxi driver must have “bodily injury liability” coverage as well as “property damage liability” coverage.

Unfortunately, some taxi drivers operate as independent contractors for a company and are not actually employees of the company. When that is the case, each driver is responsible for obtaining their own insurance. If this happens and their negligence causes you harm, you may have a more difficult time obtaining compensation for your injuries.

What To Do

If you’ve been in a taxi cab accident, make sure you are okay. If you are injured, ensure you get medical attention. The police need to be called and you need copies of the report. Get all of the insurance information you can and don’t take any calls from insurance companies until you know all of your options.

If you are a tourist in the area and have been in a taxi accident, we understand that you may be frustrated and have many questions. We know you didn’t plan on an accident when you chose to come on vacation.

You may need a taxi accident attorney in Miramar. Regardless of who was at fault, whether your taxi driver or another party, insurance companies will attempt to settle things quickly. Here at the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman, we know how to handle these situations and will help you through it. Contact us by clicking here or calling us at 954-438-1000.

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