Follow These 14 Safety Tips To Prevent Children’s Halloween Injury
Your child has been injured on Halloween, he or she is not necessarily solely to blame for this. Speak to our Cooper City personal injury attorney at Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A.
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October 6, 2018

Children in Florida and all across the U.S. wait for Halloween all year. Some even love it more than Christmas. Besides all the trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, children engage in a wide variety of Halloween activities that are fun and dangerous at the same time.

We all have a mission to keep our children away from danger and ensure our kids’ safety, but Halloween is one of those days when there are more hazards than on any other day. No, we are not talking about some imaginary monsters or ghosts. We are talking about actual hazards like Halloween costumes and food.

With only a few days left until Halloween, we invited our Cooper City personal injury attorney from Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., to outline safety tips that will help you ensure your child’s safety this Halloween. Halloween tends to be the day when parents have less control over their children, which is why following some of these tips maybe not as easy as you think.

Halloween costume has to be safe

Safety should be priority No. 1 when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume for your child. Costumes can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Many of them impede movement, which can result in slip and fall accidents, while others are inflammable. Some costumes obstruct the child’s ability to breathe freely, while others offer low visibility to drivers.

Keep in mind the following safety tips when dressing your child for this Halloween:

  • It may be difficult to do so (given that it is Halloween and all that), but do your best to dress your child in light colors so that he or she is more visible to drivers
  • Consider adding a reflective tape to increase your child’s visibility on the road
  • Do not forget to give your child a small flashlight to help him or her get home safely (even better, do not let your child wander outside or go trick-or-treating on his or her own)
  • Make sure that your child’s Halloween outfit is made of a flame-retardant material (even better, make your own costume from polyester or nylon instead of cotton, and keep in mind that long sleeves are the most common reason why Halloween costumes catch fire)
  • Make sure that your child’s shoes fit well and are not slippery to avoid slip and fall injuries
  • Do not buy a mask, wig, and beard that obstruct your child’s breathing
  • If your child wants to carry a stick, sword, cane or something of that kind, make sure that it is not too long or too sharp to avoid injuries

Pumpkin carving: fun but dangerous

You may be surprised how dangerous pumpkin carving can be, especially for children. After all, it involves the use of a knife, which is the number one reason why children sustain injuries when carving pumpkins.

  • Do not let your child use a knife if he or she is not old enough. Even if it is not your child’s first time handling a knife, do not let him or her carve pumpkins without your supervision
  • Pumpkin insides are quite slick, which is why they turn into a slipping hazard when they drop on the floor. That is why you should cover the floor with newspaper before pumpkin carving begins
  • When it comes to decorating the insides of a pumpkin, choose battery-powered LED lights as opposed to open flames
  • If you chose a candle or other open flames for your pumpkin, make sure the pumpkin is far away from flammable materials.

Candy eating and other choking hazards on Halloween

One of the many reasons why children love Halloween so much is because it is the time of year when they get to eat tons of candy, which they earned themselves by trick-or-treating.

  • With so much eating on Halloween, no parent should underestimate the danger of choking. Many children choose to eat candy on the go, which presents a choking hazard. Do not let your children eat candy on the go, and encourage them to only eat candy when they return home
  • Supervise your children when they are eating candy, and let them eat only one candy at a time
  • If your child is under 6 years of age, do not let them eat candies that are too hard to the touch or teeth

If your child has been injured on Halloween, he or she is not necessarily solely to blame for this. Speak to our Cooper City personal injury attorney at Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., to find out if other parties can be held responsible. Call our offices at 954-438-1000 to get a free consultation.

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