Florida Taxi Cab Accidents Caused By Fatigued And Overworked Taxi Drivers: Your Legal Guide
If you believe that the at-fault taxi cab driver was fatigued or overworked and that this was a primary or contributory cause of the collision, you will have to prove it. Contact the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman.
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June 22, 2018

Fatigue and overworking are very common if you are determined to earn as much as you can even though it means that you have to sacrifice your sleep and rest. You might be aware of what it feels like to be tired, exhausted, and fatigued from working way too much with little to no rest.

Your productivity and performance nosedive, your energy levels drop, and you feel less enthusiastic about your life overall, not to mention that your reaction times are also affected by the lack of sleep. While overworking can take a toll on your overall health if you are an office worker, being fatigued and sleep deprived has other implications if you are a taxi cab driver.

Not only do taxi cab drivers put their own wellbeing and life on the line when they overwork and sacrifice sleep, but they also pose danger to their passengers in the taxi cab as well as other motorists and their passengers, pedestrians, and others.

“This might sound surprising, but there are actually no legal restrictions when it comes to how many hours a taxi driver is allowed to work in a day or week,” says our Pembroke Pines taxi cab accident attorney from the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman.

Why overworked and fatigued taxi cab drivers are dangerous

Unfortunately, stories of taxi cab drivers working for 12 to 18 hours straight are not unheard of in Pembroke Pines and elsewhere in Florida, and some even go as far as working 24 hours straight in a single shift. Fatigue, overworking and lack of sleep greatly impact our ability to concentrate, result in slower reaction times, and an increased risk of distracted driving. Not to mention that fatigued and sleep-deprived drivers are more likely to engage in reckless and aggressive driving behaviors, as lack of sleep leads to irritability and recklessness.

“So yeah, overworked taxi cab drivers are a huge problem in Florida, especially in the summer when many tourists visit the Sunshine State to party all night long and hit the beach first thing in the morning,” says our taxi cab accident attorney in Pembroke Pines. Taxi cab drivers benefit from the influx of tourists in Florida during the summer months, which explains their temptation to overwork for 24 hours straight.

And while overworking itself is not illegal under Florida law since there are no regulations as to how many hours in a day or week a taxi cab driver is allowed to drive, distracted driving, reckless driving, and drowsy driving can lead to traffic violations, and, as a result, injuries and fatalities.

How to prove that a taxi cab driver was fatigued and/or overworked?

If you believe that the at-fault taxi cab driver was fatigued or overworked and that this was a primary or contributory cause of the collision, you will have to prove it. While your observations at the scene of the car accident are useful, the jury will rely on the witness statements and the police report.

Also, a Pembroke Pines taxi cab attorney can help you prove that the driver was fatigued by subpoenaing records from the driver’s taxi company. Usually, taxi companies in Florida maintain records that show how many hours their drivers work in a day. But here is the deal: it also matters how many hours the taxi driver was working the day and week prior to the accident, as fatigue and exhaustion can build up and accumulate over time.

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