Driver Reached 155mph Before Fatal Cooper City Car Accident
If you have sustained injuries, permanent disability, or even lost a loved one in a Cooper City car accident, you need specialized legal representation.
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March 1, 2018

On July 22 last year, 28-year-old Scott Garnto was killed when he was ejected from a car driven by his friend, Zachary Libman, following a high-speed collision. Hearing evidence obtained during an investigation into the Cooper City car accident, a court was recently told that Libman had accelerated to 155mph around three seconds before his car spun out of control, and was traveling at between 102mph and 112mph at the time of impact. These speeds, which were recovered from the black box of the BMW in question, are more than twice the legal speed limit on Griffin Road, where the accident occurred.

Record of Previous High-Speed Driving Offenses

While driving at 155mph is incredibly reckless under any circumstances, it becomes even more inexcusable when you learn that Libman has a history of high-speed driving offenses. Just three months before the fatal Cooper City car accident, he was cited for doing 108mph in an area where there was a speed limit of 45mph, and had previously been charged with driving at 93mph in a 65mph zone. Evidently, these charges were not enough to deter the 28-year-old from driving at speed, a habit which cost his friend his life when the car they were driving in spun out of control, crashed into trees and bushes and launched into the air after colliding with a driveway.

Libman remains in custody on charges of vehicular homicide and reckless driving, with bail bond set at $250,000.

Have You Been Involved in a Cooper City Car Accident?

While car accidents occur relatively frequently in and around Cooper City, thankfully, most of them are not as serious, nor as reckless, as that outlined above. However, even a seemingly minor car accident can result in life-changing injuries and permanent disability. If you have been injured in a Cooper City car accident, a skilled attorney from the law offices of Bradley S. Hartman, PA, could help you to recover the compensation you deserve.

When you seek legal representation from our team, your Cooper City car accident attorney will use their extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations to ensure you get treated fairly by the insurance companies and other parties involved in the case. Rather than trying to gather evidence and present a case by yourself, enlist the services of an experienced attorney who can:

  • Gather accident reports and other evidence from the scene of the collision
  • Ask relevant, important questions of any witnesses
  • Reconstruct the accident if required
  • Photograph the scene, the damage, and any injuries caused by the car accident
  • Analyze medical reports
  • Study evidence
  • Liaise with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Ensure you are adequately compensated for both economic and non-economic damages

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If you have sustained injuries, permanent disability, or even lost a loved one in a Cooper City car accident, you need specialized legal representation. To find out how we can help you to file a lawsuit and recover compensation and damages, call us today on 954-438-1000.

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