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If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you are able to recover damages, including medical bills, lost wages etc. Our Davie truck accident attorney can review your case for free and help you file your claim. Schedule your no-obligation consultation now.
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Some of the most serious accidents on Florida’s roadways involve large trucks, tractor trailers, and semi-trailers. More difficult to maneuver than traditional vehicles on the road, large trucks require additional stopping distance, and they often travel at high rates of speed, increasing the impact that they have on any object with which they collide. For these and other reasons, accidents involving large trucks and big rigs can lead to serious, even life-threatening injuries. If you have been in involved in a Davie truck accident, you need to consult with the Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman and our truck accident team right away to protect your right to recover compensation and hold any at-fault trucker and his insurance company accountable.

Recipe for Disaster

The mass and speed of big trucks make them a force with which to be reckoned on the streets and roads of Davie. The size of large commercial trucks, which can be 30 or more times that of a standard auto, amplifies the damage of trucking accidents, especially for occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash. In fact, data from the NHTSA indicates that 74 percent of people killed in truck vs. passenger car accidents were riding or driving other vehicles while 16 percent were passengers of the truck.

Truck Accident Statistics

There were nearly one-half million accidents involving large trucks in 2016 according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data. Those crashes resulted in upwards of 3,500 deaths and more than 100,000 injuries. In the United States, one person is injured or dies as a result of a crash with a large truck every 16 minutes. The most common injuries sustained in trucking accidents include whiplash and internal injuries, while some of the most serious are spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Truck Accident Causes

An array of different things can go wrong on the road, leading to truck accidents that are nothing short of devastating. Speeding has been identified as a leading contributor to big truck accidents, being cited as a factor at least 31 percent of the time. Moreover, 24 percent of all truck drivers involved in fatal crashes had at least one prior speeding incident.

Some other top causes of truck accidents include:

  • Impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol
  • Fatigued or sleepy drivers
  • Driver inexperience and lack of proper training
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Driver inattention or distraction
  • Reckless or dangerous driving
  • Overloaded trailers
  • Poor brake maintenance
  • Poorly maintained safety systems and lights

Complex Trucking Accidents

While some trucking accidents are cut and dry, with a blatant cause and easy liability determination, many are quite complex. Insurance companies retain very aggressive legal representation due to the high-dollar value of serious truck accidents. There are also multiple defendants in these cases and multiple claims that need to be filed, depending on who is to blame for the accident. Defendants may be identified as the driver, his employer, the owner of the truck, the company performing the maintenance on the truck, the company that manufactured the truck or its parts, and even the authority responsible for maintaining the road on which the accident occurred.

Consulting With a Davie Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you may be able to recover damages as a result, including medical bills, lost wages and more. Our Davie truck accident attorney can review your case for free and help you file your claim. Schedule your no-obligation consultation now.