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Most days, the weather in Florida is perfect for a leisurely motorcycle ride through Davie. However, rides can take a nightmarish turn for the motorcyclist if the right mix of dangerous conditions exists. Motorcyclists have no protection other than a helmet to minimize the bodily damage that a motorcycle accident can leave behind, which is why motorcycle crashes can lead to serious injuries with long-term consequences for the rider.

When someone else’s negligence, recklessness or poor judgment results in harm to a motorcyclist, he has a right to file a motorcycle accident claim as recourse. The Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman and our Davie motorcycle accident attorney has helped many clients recoup damages following devastating accidents, so they can put their lives back together and move on from the harrowing incident.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, Florida leads the pack when it comes to states with the greatest number of motorcycle injuries and fatalities, according to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Across the country, motorcycle accidents are on the rise. In the 20-year-period leading up to 2015, fatalities more than doubled, from an average of around 2,100 deaths each year to around 4,500 per annum. Motorcycle accidents account for more than 15 percent of all traffic fatalities, although in terms of miles driven throughout the country, motorcyclists account for only a fraction of 1 percent. Medical and legal costs from a single motorcycle fatality tallies around $1.5 million.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Although the motorcyclist himself is sometimes to blame in a motorcycle crash, negligent drivers are the top cause. This happens often when a car or other vehicle in front of the motorcycle turns abruptly, causing the driver to crash into them. Other times, the driver clips the rider of the motorcycle while changing lanes or rear-ends the motorcyclist at a stop sign or stop light. Sometimes drivers are distractive and inattentive to motorcyclists in their proximity due to texting or talking on the phone. Blindspots preventing the driver from seeing the cyclist is sometimes the root cause of motorcycle crashes.

Defective equipment can also be to blame in motorcycle accidents, such as when a faulty part leads to a crash. In this instance, the manufacturer may be held liable for the motorcyclist’s damages. And finally, dangerous road conditions, such as oil on the road, pot holes, uneven pavement, or even a poorly designed highway can be traced as the source of the crash. In these cases, if another party responsible for the upkeep of the road was negligent in any way that may have led to the crash, they can be held accountable.

Consult With a Davie Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The process of assigning liability in a motorcycle crash can be a tricky undertaking. Because of this, it is vital to the success of your motorcycle accident claim that you work with an attorney who has experience with claims of this type. The Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman and our Davie motorcycle accident attorney can go to bat for you, filing your claim and negotiating with the big insurance companies to ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries. Schedule a no-cost consultation and case review now.