Why Your Child Should Stay Away From Bounce Houses This Summer
If your child has been injured in bounce house accident, speak to our Cooper City personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman.
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August 18, 2018

Bounce houses have become super popular among children all across Florida in recent years. They are fun, they are bright, and they are a far healthier alternative to staring at a computer or phone screen all day long (after all, it is a physical activity).

If someone told you that a bounce house could pose danger to your child, you would probably laugh it off. But believe it or not, this fun activity can turn into a nightmare. Stories of small kids getting injured inside bounce houses have become more frequent in the news.

What causes bounce house injuries?

Our Cooper City personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman explains that even though bounce houses look harmless, they are actually full of potential dangers that could cause injury to your child. Some of the most common causes of bounce house injuries are:

  • Children slamming into one another, or falling on one another from heights;
  • Bounce houses being blown tens or hundreds of feet into the air by a gust of wind;
  • Children falling out of bounce castles, landing on concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces;
  • Bounce houses being lifted into the air by water spouts;
  • Cars and other vehicles slamming into bounce houses.

And while many bounce house accidents are pure accidents no one can be held accountable for, some accidents are actually caused by negligence, recklessness, carelessness, and omission to act. Also, there is a small percentage of bounce house accidents caused by defective bounce houses, which makes the manufacturer of the defective bounce house liable for any injuries and damages.

When bounce house employees can be held liable for injuries

Those who set up a bounce house, as well as its employees, have a legal duty to take all reasonable safety precautions to minimize the risk of accidents. Failure to do so may entitle you to seek damages from the liable parties if your child has been injured. You may have a right to file a personal injury lawsuit against those in charge if any of the following caused your children’s injuries in a bounce house accident in Cooper City, Pembroke Pines or elsewhere in Florida:

  • Improper or inadequate anchoring. A bounce house must be properly and adequately anchored to the ground to prevent the wind from lifting it. Failure to do so may cause the bounce house to get blown into the air or bounce all over the place, creating a risk of injury to those inside the bounce house and bystanders.
  • Lack of supervision. “Believe it or not, playing around inside a bounce house can be a potentially dangerous activity, which is why children must be supervised at all times,” says our experienced personal injury attorney in Cooper City. Absence or lack of supervision may lead to serious injuries since children inside bouncy houses are constantly running around, jumping, and climbing.
  • Ignoring the weather. Regardless of how strong the anchors are and how excellent you supervise the children inside a bounce house, the weather can potentially become a major cause of bounce house accidents. Strong winds, storms, rain showers, hurricanes, high temperatures, and other extreme weather conditions must prompt those who set up the bounce house to shut it down and prevent children from using the inflatable attraction until the weather changes for the better.
  • Inadequate location. Picking a safe location for the bounce house is equally important to avoid bounce house accidents and keep children safe. When a bounce castle is located near trees, buildings, roads, water, any hard objects, or on concrete or hard surfaces, it is only a matter of time before someone gets injured.
  • Lack of experience and/or training. Bounce houses and other similar attractions are not regulated on a federal or state level well enough, which is why businesses that operate bounce houses are tempted to cut corners and cut costs by hiring people with lack of training and experience.

They might not look dangerous, but bounce houses are actually quite dangerous. In fact, it is probably a good idea if your child avoided bounce houses altogether until Florida lawmakers begin regulating the inflatable amusement business. If your child has been injured inside an inflatable attraction, speak to our Cooper City personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley Hartman today. Get a free consultation by calling at 954-438-1000 or fill out this contact form.

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