It Can Happen to Anyone: Car Accidents
Our car accident attorneys in Cooper City at Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., we understand the trauma, inconvenience, and stress of getting into a car accident.
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October 13, 2018

America is a beautiful mix of colors, ethnicities, and cultures. This is what makes our country so interesting. No matter where you go you can find an interesting story by just talking to the people in the area. Over time, however, there seem to be traditions that just stick and starts to mold the idea of what “American” really is. One of those traditions is getting a car. Buying a car is very much an American thing. Most have a different version of getting a vehicle, though. For example, families will argue that their teenagers should only have used cars while others believe that they need brand new to better mitigate the risk of having an older, used vehicle. Teenagers will express their extreme gratitude and enthusiasm about getting a car. And as much as parents love making their kids happy, it is also terrifying when you to start to look at the statistics for car accidents.

In Florida, Miami and Broward County have the highest rate of car accidents in the whole state. This means that if you live in Cooper City, the likelihood of getting into a car accident is higher than most other places in the state of Florida. This also means that even if you don’t live in these areas, but have to travel to or through them, your chances of getting hit are higher than anywhere else.

Broward County, in 2017, had over 40,324 car accidents. That means every day there were about 100 accidents. Now, we know that the data counts all and any accidents; it doesn’t mean that every accident caused damage to vehicle or person. However, this still does put a driver at a higher risk of getting into an accident by just being in these areas.

Most accidents occur because of distracted drivers, inclement weather, and driving under the influence. However, there was a disproportionate difference between age groups who cause accidents. In Florida, drivers 65 and older cause more accidents than those between the ages of 15-19. As a parent, you may feel relieved, but this also means that older drivers are more likely to hit the younger group.

How a Car Accident Attorney can Help You

Our car accident attorney in Cooper City at Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A., we understand the trauma, inconvenience, and stress of getting into a car accident. For over 30 years we have served the community and helped countless clients recover from car accidents in and around the Cooper City area.

Having a specialized attorney on your side is important because strong cases are due to the strength in investigations, organization, and efficiency. Our law offices have the resources, experience, and education to ensure that your needs are met and compensation received for your injury due to a car accident.

Our car accident attorneys believe that your story is worth hearing, so please call 954-438-1000 or click here to request a free consultation. We are here to work for you.

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