Can You Sue For Hotel Food Poisoning In Or Outside Of The U.S.?
You have a reason to believe that your food poisoning was caused by your consumption of a particular meal in the hotel, contact our Cooper City personal injury attorney from Law Offices of Bradley S. Hartman, P.A.
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Saturday, December 15, 2018
With just a few days before Christmas, American families are actively booking rooms in hotels all across the world to get plenty of rest and fun, and to enter 2019 refreshed and full of energy. But unfortunately, just one meal in a hotel can ruin your entire holiday and confine you to your bed on … Read more
Friday, December 14, 2018
Did you know that each year, about 15,000 Americans go to the hospital for decoration-related injuries during a holiday season? But these statistics are not accurate, as there are thousands of other people whose injuries caused by Christmas decorations are never reported or treated in hospitals. Many American families have already begun decorating their home … Read more
Saturday, December 8, 2018
Each year, about 5,000 Americans die in truck accidents across the nation, which means driving a truck is an extremely hazardous activity. This realization alone discourages Americans from becoming truck drivers, which, in turn, has caused an immense shortage of truckers in the U.S. trucking industry. But what many do not realize is that you … Read more
Friday, December 7, 2018
Many things could go wrong with your personal injury claim, especially if it is your first time filing a claim and recovering damages after a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Many people make mistakes on their path to seeking compensation after a car crash. Some of these mistakes are minor and insignificant, while … Read more
Saturday, December 1, 2018
Every once in a while, each and every one of us – drivers – have to drive in unfamiliar places for the first time. A rule of thumb is that driving on unfamiliar roads is never a good idea if you are tired, drowsy, angry, irritated, frustrated, or drunk (in fact, driving drunk is always … Read more
Friday, November 30, 2018
Being a victim of a motorcycle accident is an extremely traumatizing experience. On top of receiving medical care, assessing property damage, and filling out a wide variety of claims and forms, you will also have to speak to your insurance company. And more often than not, victims are not prepared for that conversation. More often … Read more
Saturday, November 24, 2018
The reason we purchase insurance is crystal clear: should an accident occur, we want to be compensated for our losses and damages. And insurance companies assume the duty to compensate for those losses and damages as long as they are covered in the insurance policy. “Sounds quite straightforward, doesn’t it?” you think. Your insurance company … Read more
Friday, November 23, 2018
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this is bad news if you are planning to drive to visit your family this holiday season. “Why?” you are asking. Well, because, statistically speaking, operating a vehicle on Thanksgiving is not exactly the safest thing you can do. Regardless of whether you are planning to spend the … Read more
Saturday, November 17, 2018
One of this week’s trending stories was a Colorado woman losing both of her healthy kidneys during a surgery due to a surgeon’s negligence. If you are not familiar with the details of this story, we have recapped it for you. As any person in her situation would, the 73-year-old woman from Colorado is considering … Read more
Friday, November 16, 2018
There are few things more dreaded in surgery for a patient than a “never event” occurring, but that is exactly what happened to one Florida woman recently. Maureen Pacheco went to the hospital to have spinal surgery. She had been in extreme pain after an accident four years before. Now, she was finally going to … Read more