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Obtaining compensation in a car accident case can be difficult which is why it is important to have a Miramar car accident attorney by your side who will fight for your rights.
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South Florida is known for its bad drivers and has ranked number one several years in a row for the worst in the nation. Miramar contributes to those statistics. Many drivers think they will never get into an accident because they are very safe drivers who follow all traffic laws and regulations. However, an accident can happen to anyone and at any time. The aftermath can be devastating and life changing. Drivers not alone have to deal with vehicle damage and repair but also any injuries sustained as a cause of the accident. Low-impact collisions can also be complex and change your life forever.

After an accident, many victims feel helpless especially if they have been injured. You try to deal with insurance companies and file paperwork on your own and continue to hit roadblocks or are just completely confused to the point you want to give up. You may be recovering physically and be unable to work. To prevent all of this headache, hire a Miramar car accident attorney who can handle all of the legal paperwork while you focus on your recovery. We will seek compensation for lost income, medical bills and other damages associated with a Miramar car accident. You should not have to be left in this situation alone and we understand what you are dealing with.

Bradley S, Hartman, a Miramar car accident attorney has built a 30 year reputation using a compassionate approach to every case. Our law firm understands that even a small accident can change your life forever. We have recovered thousands in compensation for accident victims in Miramar and throughout South Florida.

How We Prepare for your Case

Preparing your case is crucial and you need an experienced attorney who knows what needs to be done to place you in the best position for success. We will begin by gathering evidence from the scene of the accident and talking to witnesses. Gathering the accident report is important because this is on file as to what allegedly occurred. Using this along with witness statements we will also reconstruct the accident. Our Miramar car accident attorneys will also analyze medical reports and take photos of the damages, injuries and scene. Most importantly, we will talk to insurance companies on your behalf and file all the necessary paperwork.

How much is your case worth?

The biggest question amongst accident victims is how much will I get? There is no clear answer to this because every case is different and a Miramar car accident attorney will need look at the details of the incident. Medical expenses can quickly pile up and sometimes you are unable to work. This means you will have to account for lost wages. We will work to obtain compensation for these and other expenses associated with the accident. Common injuries associated with car accidents include spinal cord injuries, disability, head injuries, knee damage and even wrongful death.

Our Miramar car accident attorneys will seek compensation for economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include monetary losses like property damage. Noneconomic damages cover the previously addressed loss of income, medical bills and earning capacity.

How a Miramar car accident attorney can help

Car accidents in Miramar have severe consequences even resulting in death. Distracted and reckless driving are major causes of car accidents with about 35,000 car accident deaths happening each year. Obtaining compensation can be difficult which is why it is important to have a Miramar car accident attorney by your side who will fight for your rights while you focus on recovering and moving on with your life. Our attorneys know the laws and have experience dealing with difficult insurance companies. The first step is to contact our offices for a free initial consultation where we will review your case details and determine the appropriate course of action.