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Bus accidents can be among the deadliest and most-devastating accidents on the roadway. Fortunately, bus accidents occur with much less frequency than standard motor vehicle accidents, but when they do, they can leave behind life-altering injuries that require multiple surgeries and months or even years of rehabilitation and therapy by the victim. If you or someone you love has been involved in a bus accident, it is important to consult with a highly experienced Miramar bus accident attorney as soon as possible to start the claims process to cover your medical bills and lost wages and help you get on with your life.

Severity of Bus Accident Injuries

Buses have a high center of gravity, and they are tremendously heavy and large—a combination of features that explains the severity of injuries seen in bus accidents. When bus accidents happen, most buses are ill-equipped for the safety of passengers. There are usually no seat belts, so bodies are tossed and tumbled about in the cabin of the bus or even ejected from the many windows on the bus. Up to 75 percent of the victims in bus accidents, however, are not on the bus but are traveling in passenger cars or other vehicles that collide with the bus. This is due to the bus sitting up so high and the massive force with which it has the potential to hit other vehicles. Traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries, burns, crushing injuries, amputations, and open fractures are among the most serious bus accident injuries that result in claims against the at-fault party. It is not uncommon for wrongful death claims to arise from the death of bus accident victims.

Who is Liable in a Bus Accident Claim?

Liability in some bus accidents is cut and dry; the operator of the bus is to blame and the insurance covering the operator must address claims that arise. The owner of the bus, which may be the local city or county government or school system, may shoulder the responsibility. If a faulty part on the bus is found to be the cause of the crash, then the bus’ manufacturer or the manufacturer of the dangerous part may be held to account. Likewise, if poor road conditions led to the bus accident, then whoever is charged with maintaining the road may be held wholly or at least partially to blame. If a second vehicle on the road caused the crash, then that party’s insurance is held accountable.

Working with a Miramar Bus Accident Attorney

Make no mistake; the at-fault party in your accident and their insurance company will have experienced attorneys working for them, looking to minimize any damages you are entitled to for your injuries. Their goal is to make you go away with as little money in your pocket as possible. Because of this, it is vital that you contact the Law Office of Bradley S. Hartman, PA, to discuss your case and get the ball rolling toward compensation, so that you can move on with your life and put your accident behind you.